My Pilates Trainer was created to take the confusion out of exercising with medical conditions or injury.   Having run a successful Pilates studio for many years, I have worked with thousands of clients who came to me in pain.  

One common theme amongst them was that they didn't know the cause of their pain or what to do about it.  What exercises/movements were safe (and unsafe).  Often they were left confused. 

Sometimes people are told pain is 'part of getting old' or offered painkillers to mask the symptoms, and whilst sometimes painkillers are necessary they do not address the cause.  

The My Pilates Trainer protocols are designed just like a series of private Pilates sessions would run:

  • Starting by explaining the CAUSE
  • Then reducing/removing the SYMPTOMS in a safe manner
  • Followed by maintenance to prevent any reoccurance

The programmes all begin at a basic level, and are then designed to progress over (usually 4-6) weeks.  

The exercises are clearly explained.   The  programmes come with a printable 'tracking sheet' so that you have a visual reference to remind you of your programme, but can also record your sessions. 

The protocols are not just for those who are weak or sedentary, often I come across clients that are strong and keep fit but also experience pain, so it's not just about weakness, it's about redressing any IMBALANCES in the body.  And most of us have those, whether we are couch potatoes or iron men. 


" My aim is to help as many people as possible learn how to take control of their body and reduce their pain levels, at a time, pace, location and price to suit them."


I'd love to hear your feedback as ultimately these programmes are designed to help YOU.  So please feel free to drop me a line ([email protected]) and I'll come back to you as soon as possible.

Stay strong and in control of your body.




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